Hello from Mike & Michelle. We are your hosts and we are PRIVATE OWNERS in this complex. We manage our units PRIVATELY and don’t have any business dealings with the reception desk, so any enquiries please contact Mike on free call number 1800 67 8213 or mobile 0418 947 750.

We take great pride in what we have to offer you, and would greatly appreciate, if you would take special care and attention when using our property and its comforts.
Please follow these simple rules so it makes every ones stay pleasurable.


The air conditioners operate effectively at a comfortable 22 degrees and at this temperature the cooling fins won’t ice up and stop the air conditioner working at its optimum. Any lower temperature for an extended time will cause the air conditioner to leak water and cause damage to ie. the wall, the shelf and the TV.

The iron and ironing board are supplied for your convenience, HOT IRONS BURN CARPETS AND BENCH TOPS. Please use care and attention when standing and using the HOT iron. Let the iron cool down before storing.

If the stove light is flashing the oven will not work, from the left press buttons 1, 2 and 5 at the same time to set a time.

Please, prior to your departure it would be appreciated if you would wash your dirty dishes with detergent and put the clean dishes back into the cupboard and don’t leave any dishes in the dish washer to avoid extra cleaning charges.


Don’t leave food lying around it attracts cockroaches and ants. Please dispose of all food wastes in rubbish bags and put into the larger bins outside.

Don’t adjust the fridge temperature dial, as it is set accordingly for optimum running!

Cool drinks in the fridge are provided for your convenience at a minimal charge of $2.00 by an honour system. A container is provided near the fridge for you to deposit the money.


There are reserved parking bays in front of your unit.


Make sure when you leave the room all doors are closed properly. It is your responsibility to ensure the security of your valuables as no responsibility will be taken by the management. Turn off all lights and air conditioning when the room is not in use.


DVD movies, books and cards are complimentary, and are for all of OUR GUESTS to use. Please return movies in their cases to the bookcase when finished viewing. Damaged or missing movies will be charged to your account.


When using the washing machine or dryer leave the laundry window open and please close the laundry door as the steam will active the smoke detector in the entry way. Please don’t put sandy beach towels into the dryer as the sand could cease the electric motor and other moving parts


There are complimentary BBQ facilities for your convenience behind the building of the middle pool.

Noosa Marina is across the road 150m walking distance, to the left, with shops, several restaurants and a wine bar.

Local shops are also left as you leave the complex a 2 minute drive, in the Tewantin shopping district.

The ferry will take 30 minutes to travel to Hasting Street Noosa. Please check time tables as they vary throughout the year.

There are 3 pools in the centre of the complex for all ages to enjoy 1 of them being a heated pool, pool hours are between 7am and 9pm.