Check in/out times
Everyone receives a late lunchtime check out of 12 noon. Check in time 4pm, earlier check in times are sometimes available, please ask.


Booking Policy
Rooms can not be confirmed without payment.


Cancellation Policy
Unfortunately we must charge a cancellation fee:

3-6 months – One night accommodation on your booking.

2-3 months – Two nights accommodation on your booking.

2 months or less – 100% cancellation fee applies.

Specials – 100% cancellation fee applies.


Credit Card Authority
For security purposes we require Credit Card details in case of damages and cancellations which may occur. This document will be sent to you to read and sign.


If extra time is required to clean and service the room an extra charge will apply. To avoid this please make sure your room is left in an exceptable state including all dishes to be washed and put away clean.


If you have any questions about our terms and conditions please feel free to contact us on FREECALL – 1800 678 213


Extract of Body Corporate By Laws & House Rules

To ensure that you and other guests enjoy your stay, we would appreciate you reading and observing the following:


Noise: The occupiers of a unit and their invited guests must not create noise likely to interfere with the peaceful enjoyment of other unit occupiers. Please move in from your balcony at 10.00pm as neighbouring bedrooms are adjacent to the balconies.


Behaviour of Invitees: Occupiers of a unit must take reasonable steps to ensure that their invitees do not behave in a way likely to interfere with the peaceful enjoyment of another unit or common property.


Balcony Appearance: Please do not hang towels, washing, bedding or another cloth article on balcony railings. Please ensure that all personal items and belongings are not stored either under or on balconies where it is in sight of others.


Smoking: This resort encourages a smoke free environment. Please have consideration for your neighbours and refrain from smoking on the common property or on the balconies.


Vehicles: One car space per unit is allocated. Occupiers of a unit must park their vehicle in the designated car parking space. If an occupier has more than one vehicle, arrangements must be made with the Manager regarding any extra available parking space. Occupiers must ensure their visitors vehicles are parked in the designated visitor car park area only.

Skateboards, Roller Blades etc. Are not permitted to be ridden on the property.


Animals: No animals of any kind are permitted on the property. Excluding Registered Guide Dogs (Act 1972 section 5).


Swimming Pools: Pool Hours are 7am – 9pm. Occupiers and their visitors are welcome to use the pools during these hours only. Consumption of alcohol is banned within the pool and its surrounds. Glass is not permitted around the pool areas for safety reasons. Please ensure behaviour is not to interfere with the peaceful enjoyment of others. Invitees must always be accompanied by the occupier. Children below the age of 12 years must be accompanied by an adult at all times and have effective control over them.


Lawn/Gardens Areas: Occupiers of a unit must not without body corporateā€™s written approval, use any part of the common property as a garden.


Compliance with Notices: All owners & occupiers of units and their invitees must comply with any notice displayed on common property by authority of the body corporate or any statutory authority. If an occupier does not comply with any of these requests, the occupiers of the unit will be evicted.


Feeding Birds and Ducks is not encouraged. The Birds and Ducks leave droppings in and around the pools which makes the water unhealthy for swimming. The cost of the treatment is considerable, and if anyone is found to encourage the ducks and birds to return by way of feeding them, will be on charged the cost of this treatment.


Security Patrols are carried out nightly. If there is an urgent matter phone 000 or Noosa Police on 5440 8111.

Please enjoy your stay at Noosa Lakes Resort and allow others the same privilege.